Pregnancy Risks

Please remember that when you are pregnant, everything you eat, drink or smoke can affect your unborn child.  Accordingly, common sense says that you should not drink alcohol, consume drugs, smoke or take anything you would not give to your baby directly.

Pregnancy Risks

Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy

You hear and read of so many things you should or should not do during your pregnancy.  To help you know the good from the bad, we have listed many of the Dos and Don'ts.

Pregnancy Risks


Consuming any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can cause problem in your baby.  Please read this section and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

Pregnancy Risks


Caffeine consumption during pregnancy is controversial. This is not just about coffee and tea since caffeine can be found in many of the foods you eat and you need to be careful that you are not getting too much.

Pregnancy Risks


Illegal drug use can hurt both you and hurt your unborn child.  If you take drugs, your baby can be born addicted and you can put your child's life at risk.

Pregnancy Risks


Smoking can affect your baby. When you smoke your baby gets less oxygen and this lack of oxygen can cause your baby growth problems.  Additionally, smoking during pregnancy has been linked to early labor and delivery and pregnancy complications.

Pregnancy Risks

Vitamins and Herbs

Herbal remedies are considered natural alternatives to certain drugs but they can also be dangerous when taken during pregnancy. Many herbs contain chemicals that can cross the placenta to your baby, and some can cause pregnancy problems.


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