Pregnancy Information

Terms and definitions, bodily changes, eating and nutrition, herbs and vitamins, exercise and other issues are all discussed in this section of the website.

Pregnancy Information

Terms and Definitions

This link provides you with many of the Terms and Definitions associated with pregnancy, fertility, and infertility.

Pregnancy Information

Body Changes

You and your body will go through many external and internal changes related to your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Information

Eating and Nutrition

During your pregnancy you must do more than simply increase how much you eat; you must also consider what you eat.

Pregnancy Information

Herbs and Vitamins

A balanced diet is the best way to receive nutrients, but vitamin supplements and natural herbs can also be beneficial. Pregnant women should only take vitamin supplements and herbs with the knowledge of their health care provider.

Pregnancy Information


Unless there are medical reasons to avoid it, pregnant women can exercise moderately on most, if not all, days. Exercise can help you feel better. Additionally, the calories burned help prevent too much weight gain during the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Information

Surprising Facts

There are several things that your health care provider may not have discussed with you but would be very helpful for you to know.  These are some of the things that may surprise you regarding your pregnancy.


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