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Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery     Labor and Delivery

Almost every pregnant woman has concerns about the labor and delivery process.  If you have a full understanding of the labor and delivery it can go a long way in reducing your concerns and stress.

Labor and Birth

About the time for the baby to be born, when labor is approaching, your body typically provides signals to let you know if this is the time for delivery.  However, often these signals do not result in active labor and delivery.  Knowing the differences between "false labor" and "true labor" will help to reduce your stress.

Inducing Labor

Your labor may start with typical labor pain, unusual back pain, or your "water may break".  However, if labor hasn't started on its own, your health care provider may use medication to start your labor. This is called "Inducing Labor."

Cesarean Birth

As many as 1 in 3 babies in the United States is delivered by cesarean section (C-section).  Since a C-section is so common, and may be planned for or unexpected, it is important for you to understand what a C-section is and how you may be affected by a C-section.


As part of a vaginal delivery you may need an episiotomy.  In this procedure the skin between the vagina and the anus is cut to enlarge the vaginal opening so that your baby can be delivered without any tearing.

Pain and Delivery

While it is possible to have labor and delivery with relatively little pain, pain is typically part of the birth process.  It is best to prepare yourself for the idea of pain during labor and delivery and to make some plans for how you will cope with the pain.

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Labor and Delivery     Labor and Delivery












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