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Birth Plans

Birth Plans     Birth Plans

You can make you and your baby's birth plan by deciding whether to use a birth center, hospital, or your home, a mid-wife, doula or doctor, a natural delivery or not. Making these plans in advance can reduce your stress and make the birth process a more positive experience.

Plans and Options

A birth plan is a listing of your pregnancy and delivery related preferences.  You have the right and opportunity to make your own birth plan.

Birth Center or Hospital

Where to have your baby and who will be present during your baby's birth (family, friend, midwife, doula) and whether you will give birth at home or in a Birth Center or Hospital are among the decisions you can make.


Selecting a heath care provider (doctor  or Midwife) is one of the many choices you have.


Doulas are frequently used in other countries but are underutilized in the US. A Doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical and informational support to you before, during and after the birth of your baby.

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Birth Plans     Birth Plans












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