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Pregnancy Assistance: Help is available     Pregnancy Assistance: Help is available

There are several types of assistance available if you are pregnant or are struggling to raise a child including crisis centers, medical care, financial assistance, food programs, infant safe havens, support groups and hotlines. Read each section below and click on the appropriate links.

Crisis Centers

Crisis Centers offer some immediate help and/or a safe place to stay.  Click on the link Crisis Centers to find crisis centers in your area.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance and other programs are available to help many women with the expenses and concerns of prenatal care and birth.


Food is available through programs including Women Infants and Children, Aid to Families with Dependent Children and many other federal, state and county programs.  Local food banks, churches, and synagogues may also be able to help.


Hotlines are available 24 hours a day to assist you with everything from finding a safe place for you and your baby to crisis counseling.

Medical Care

Medical Care for you and your baby is available, often completely free of charge or on a sliding scale, through state and county health agencies, health care providers who receive government funding, and a larger number of organizations and facilities that care about women and children


Shelters are available to keep you and your baby safe.  These organizations are run by people who care about you and your baby.

Support Groups

Support Groups are available to help you whether you need information, advice or just a shoulder to lean on.

Infant Safe Havens

Infant Safe Havens are places where you may take the baby and know that the baby will be safe.

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Pregnancy Assistance: Help is available     Pregnancy Assistance: Help is available












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