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Infertility is a grwing problem in western nations including the U.S. Infertility affects about 6.1 million people in the U.S. alone, equivalent to ten percent of the reproductive age population.

Infertility Overview

If you are having infertility problems, you are either not able to naturally conceive a child or are not able to carry a baby to term.  This Infertility Overview looks at the many reasons for infertility.

Terms and Definitions

Infertility terms and definitions are typically very foreign to most non-medical personnel. This resource, Terms and Definitions, should help you.

Trying to Conceive

If you are having difficulty conceiving a child, you know how Trying to Conceive can be emotionally painful. How do you figure out when you're fertile and when you're not?

Male Infertility

When the infertility problem exists within the male, it is referred to as Male Infertility. Male infertility contributes to approximately a third all infertility cases.

Female Infertility

When the infertility problem exists within the female, it is referred to as Female Infertility and female infertility accounts for approximately one third of infertility cases.

Emotional Issues

The and Emotional Issues of infertility can be devastating to both the man and the woman.

Infertility Drugs

Infertility Drugs are used by health care providers to increase the probability that a pregnancy will occur.


There are many types of infertility treatment each with its own problems, costs, and success rates.

Insurance Issues

Many states now require insurance companies to offer varying forms of benefits for infertility treatments.  You may find this section on Insurance Issues helpful.

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